House Churches


In the Rising House Church Movement we place our priority of gathering disciples in people’s homes. It’s Biblical. It’s practical. Further, in light of the last days’ persecution of believers, it’s wise. We gather all our people together on Thursday Family Night in what we call our Hub Church. This is when we host our youth groups as well as our leadership training. Our goal is to start several local House Churches and then establish one Hub Church. The Hub Church serves to support the House Churches.  

The New Testament records how the early church met in people’s homes.

Jesus frequently taught in people’s homes (Mt 9:28, 13:36, 17:25). He instructed his disciples to focus on people’s homes  (Lk 9:4, Mt 10:12, Lk 10:5). Paul reminded the disciples in Ephesus how he went about “Teaching you publically and from house to house” (Acts 20:20). He frequently wrote to disciples about “The church in your house” (Phil 1:2, Rom 16:5)

The early house church movement went from 11 to 200,000 disciples by 200 A.D.

House churches provide the ideal setting to cultivate devotion to evangelism, discipleship, learning the word of God, fellowship, worship, prayer, miracles, sharing, unity and favor in the community. (Acts 2:41-47).

House churches enable true kingdom communities to be established and to proliferate. House churches follow Jesus’ pattern of 3 inner core and 12 disciples. Just two or three disciples can birth a Bible study that soon grows into a group of disciples. This explains why house churches quickly multiply and become a movement!

House churches cultivate authentic relationships where we do life together

There are over 40 different “one another” passages that encourage believers to unity, love, humility and godly relationships. In a house church we develop deep relationships. We talk together, pray together, worship together, study the word together and eat together. Jesus often encouraged the disciples in their discussions with one another (Mt 9:33, 16:8). A house church welcomes every person to share their thoughts, insights on Scripture and their spiritual gifts.

House churches are transformational, enabling the inner healing, deliverance and character development described in Isaiah 61-62. This serves to raise God’s people up to become “oaks of righteousness.” They discover their real identity in the Lord, all for “the display of His splendor” (Is 61:4).