Our 2020 Vision

BECOME A TRUE DISCIPLE of the Lord Jesus! Enough of lukewarm, spectator Christianity. Get in the game!!!

The vision of the Rising Church is to ignite a discipleship multiplication movement by the end of 2020

A disciple is a follower of Jesus. You become like Him. You learn His disciplines, His heart, His word and His lifestyle. Most Christians need someone to mentor them, to walk them through the steps of becoming an on-fire disciple of the Lord Jesus. As that happens in your life, then you can begin to disciple another.

We promise to equip you to make 3 disciples every year for the rest of your life. That’s worth living for!

The key is for you to be powerfully anointed by the Spirit of the Lord

Jesus was the Christ, the Anointed One. The Holy Spirit came on His at His baptism. The same miracle-working Spirit will anoint you – if you ask for it. Think of the Spirit as God’s “super” on your “natural.” The result is a supernatural ability to make disciples of Jesus. As you lead your disciples into the anointing, they too will multiply disciples.

You NEED this kind of spiritual power. God WANTS to give His Spirit to you. Join the movement!