Our Mission To America

RISE TRAINING: Use Every Home for Christ (EHC) Tools   

“Whatever house your enter…” Lk 10:5


1.     Accept Jesus’ Strategy to Send His Disciples Out to Discover Receptive Homes

“Whatever house you enter first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest upon him. Heal those who are sick and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you’” (Lk 10:5, 6, 9). 

Our goal is to discover receptive homes and develop redemptive relationships with each family. Ideally, in one neighborhood, several families can be brought together around a host home.

We want to find people who say “Yes” to Jesus: To welcome a team, to study the gospel, to trust the Lord Jesus as their Savior, to share their testimony with their family and friends, to be baptized, to receive leadership training, to host a Bible study, to grow it into a house church, to go to our Hub Church, to form and send out their own fire teams (not necessarily in that order).

Multiply disciples as you go out, bring in, raise up and send out (Mt 28:19-20)         

2.     Become Familiar with Every Home For Christ Tools, Training and Tracking

 Go to EHC.org and click on USA. We love their Encounter Life tools, training and tracking. Take time to learn about all the resources they offer.

3.     Learn the Back Story of Every Home for Christ (ehc.org)

  • Equipping local churches since 1946 in 215 nations. 400 million homes in last 5 years. 70 million or 1 out of 6 responded positively.

  • In 2018 EHC began, for the first time, a new focus on the USA. It is different than other nations.

  • On March 7, 2019, David Schall from EHC flew from Colorado Springs and offered the support of EHC at a luncheon at Marie Calendar’s in Azusa. Mayor Joseph Rocha welcomed David’s visit.  David presented the every home vision to 6 pastors and 15 Christian leaders.

  • In the next several weeks, after discussions with Jerry Jefferson (AMA), Rick MacDonald (AZHOP) and other key leaders in Azusa, the concept of Love Every Home Azusa was born. Now we need others to help develop the vision and strategy.   


4.     Get/Study/Carry/Hand Out EncounterLife Resources/Tools: Here are 4 of Our Favorite Engagers

Who Was He? Includes several names and claims of Jesus. For more, go to TheFamousOne.com

  • Watch the “Jesus Film”

  • Read testimonies of “The People Who Knew Jesus Best” (Paul, Peter, John, James, Mary)

  • Listen to “First-hand Testimonies of Those Who Know Jesus Today,” 4 minutes.

  • Visit Encounter.com to learn how to “Follow Jesus”

  • Read “I Decided to Follow Jesus”

  • Learn “What’s Next?”

What Just Happened? “Whether you know it or not, you were just prayed for.”

Eres Increible! “¿Alguna vez alguien te ha dicho eso?”

The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read! This landing page includes the offer to “Request a free Bible today at TheGreatestBook.com.”


5.     Go Through EncounterLife Training (a total of 82 minutes)

Intro by EHC President Dick Eastman, 2 minutes

Jesus’ Calling: Cast your nets (Lk 5:1-11), 19 minutes

Jesus’ Heart: Reach out to the woman at the well (Jn 4:1-42), 24 minutes

Jesus’ Model: Send out teams (Lk 10:1-24), including David Schall, 27 minutes

Jesus’ Joy: Bring life to our city (Ezek 47:1-9), including Jesse Engle, 20 minutes



6.     Load/Learn/Use the EncounterLife Tracking: Outreach App

Mapping technology shows every home in your target area

Create your own group and share notes on receptive people/homes


Partner with the Rising Movement and multiply disciples as you go out, bring in, raise up and send out (Mt 28:19-20)