Join the RISING Movement

Rise and shine, for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”      Isaiah 60:1 

JOIN US IN THE LAST DAYS’ RISING MOVEMENT! Jesus is calling us to LIVE TOGETHER IN THE LIGHT OF HIS LOVE. Here is a simple definition of the last days’ church! We are a community of disciples of the Lord Jesus. We are learning to live in the last days’ revelation of our glorious Bridegroom. IN HIM, WE REALLY LIVE. In short, at the Rising Church, WE LIVE HIS LOVE!

Our Motto: Live GC3

WE LIVE Jesus’ Great Commandment to LOVE THE LORD and love others.

WE LIVE Jesus’ Great Commission to MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations.

WE LIVE in Jesus’ Great Church that will OVERCOME every enemy.

We get our passion from the Great Commandment. We get our purpose from the Great Commission. We get our people from His Great Church. This forms our 2021 Vision. Our leaders promise you that in His love, “we will not shrink back from declaring to you the purposes of God and that which is profitable to you (Acts 20:20, 27). We will nurture your life in the Lord as we follow Him and multiply disciples together!

Take RISE Discipleship Training

It is the Lord Jesus who is calling you to become His disciple. We form the foundations of our Rising Church around responding to Jesus’ four invitations into discipleship. He is calling us to raise on-fire disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through rising up through four levels of discipleship. The first course is entitled, “Become a Disciple.”  (Sign up under the “Training” tab.)


   Come and see                     Do you know Jesus as your Savior?             Jn 1:39, MT 1:1-4:22      

   Follow Me                              Do you know Jesus as your Lord?                Jn 1:43, Mt 4:23-9:34

   Look and see                       Do you know Jesus’ love?                                Jn 4:35, Mt 9:35-23:39

   Follow and lead                  Do you know Jesus’ cause?                             Mt 4:19, Mt 24:1-28:20

I.        COME AND SEE                         Jn 1:39, Mt 1:1-4:22

In Become A Disciple, Step 1 starts by responding to Jesus’ invitation to “Come and see.” This is where we learn who He actually is and what the gospel of the Kingdom actually is. As we discover His love, His life, His death for us on the cross and His resurrection, we learn to love and believe in the Lord Jesus as our Savior. In this study, we organize our training around Mt 1:1-4:42.

II.      FOLLOW ME                               Jn 1:43, Mt 4:23-9:34

In Step 2 of Become A Disciple, the Lord Jesus calls to us, saying “Follow Me.” This is where we learn what discipleship is all about. The challenge is to learn to trust Jesus as the Lord of our entire life. It is fascinating to watch the disciples learn to trust the Lord in Mt 4:23-9:34. He repeatedly cultivates our faith. In Become a Disciple, we invite each person to invest several weeks learning new disciplines in your Rising House Church and your Discipleship Fire Team.

III.    LOOK AND SEE                             Jn 4:35, Mt 9:35-23:39

Become A Disciple Step 3 is where we learn to truly see the needs of others around us. After the Lord Jesus led the woman at the well to believe in Him as Messiah, He asked His disciples to “Lift up your eyes, and look onto the fields and see they are ready for harvest” (Jn 4:35). Like the Lord Jesus, you must “not merely look out for your own personal interests, but for the interests of others” (Phil 2:4). The Gospel of Matthew 9:35-23:39 teaches us how Jesus sees the lost. Once again, we ask each disciple, Fire Team and House Church member to spend three or four weeks focused on learning to see life through Jesus’ eyes of love.     

IV. FOLLOW ME                                  Mt 4:19, 24:1-28:20

In Step 4 of Become A Disciple, we introduce teachings from the book Fire Team Evangelism by Rick Clark and Jessie (Clark) Maron. It may take you months (or the rest of your life) to respond to Jesus’ invitation to “Follow Me, and I will make your fishers of men” (Mt 4:19). Our Step 4 Become A Disciple engages you in the cause of Christ. The Lord teaches us that every disciple should share the gospel of the Kingdom with those around them until we have reached the whole world. 

In these last days, the Lord Jesus is calling His Bride to RISE UP AND OVERCOME the spiritual diseases that are defeating His people (Rev 2-3). RISE Discipleship Training does this by raising up true disciples who wholeheartedly respond to Jesus’ four invitations to discipleship. We are already seeing our disciples multiplying their lives into other disciples. You are invited to join the Rising Movement!

Around the world His Rising Church is victoriously advancing through on-fire Discipleship Multiplication Movements. We welcome your partnership in the RISING MOVEMENT. Continue to learn our vision at or contact Rick at Text or call Rick at 626.536.1000.