Our Mission To America

Use Our Rise Evangelism Tools to Reach Those Around You   

“You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses” (Acts 1:8). Start right where you live, go to the nearby areas, reach across cultural lines and even go to new nations in your passion to preach the gospel. The Rising Movement Mission to America equips and sends all of our disciples to the people right around where you live. We must learn Jesus’ evangelistic lifestyle in our home area first before we are ready to reach across cultural lines or travel to other nations. 

“Whatever house your enter…” (Lk 10:5). The Lord Jesus sends us out to enter the dwelling place of those who are searching for Christ. While we respect people’s boundaries regarding Covid 19, we also receive Jesus’ promise when He instructed His disciples and “gave them power and authority over all the demons, and to heal diseases. He sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to perform healing” (Lk 9:1-2). 

1. Jesus Sends His Disciples Out to Discover Receptive People

“Whatever house you enter first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest upon him. Heal those who are sick and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you’” (Lk 10:5, 6, 9). 

Our goal is to discover receptive homes and develop redemptive relationships with each family. Ideally, in one neighborhood, several families can be brought together around a host home.

We want to find people who say “Yes” to Jesus: To welcome a team, to study the gospel, to trust the Lord Jesus as their Savior, to share their testimony with their family and friends, to be baptized, to receive leadership training, to host a Bible study, to grow it into a house church, to go to our Hub Church, to form and send out their own fire teams (not necessarily in that order).

2. Get/Study/Carry/Hand Out Our Encounter Tools: Here are 4 of Our Favorites:

Who Was He? Start the conversation with the line, “Can I give you a gift about Jesus?” This booklet includes several names and claims of Jesus. Encourage people to rise up and learn more about Jesus. Encourage them to listen to the messages on our website under “Who Was He? Invite them to go to TheFamousOne.com and: 

  • Watch the “Jesus Film”

  • Read testimonies of “The People Who Knew Jesus Best” (Paul, Peter, John, James, Mary)

  • Listen to “First-hand Testimonies of Those Who Know Jesus Today,” 4 minutes.

  • Visit Encounter.com to learn how to “Follow Jesus”

  • Read “I Decided to Follow Jesus”

  • Learn “What’s Next?”

Psalm 91 Life Card “Can I share with you a prayer to keep you safe from Covid 19?” We have one of Rick’s messages on Psalm 91 on Facebook. It will help you trust in the promises of Psalm 91. 

Do You Believe in Miracles? Every one needs a miracle sometime in their life. Can I share this booklet with you? It contains 8 of Jesus’ greatest miracles. 

Our Rising Movement Business Card: “I have much more to share with you than I have time for right now. Can I give you our card and invite you to check out our website? My pastor, Rick Clark, will help you learn more about “Who Was He?”

3. Learn How to Start Discipleship Bible Studies

See our “Follow and Lead” dropdown, “You Can Lead Bible Studies. Begin by starting a Discipleship Bible Study with just one other person. As your skills and anointing grow, so will your group. 

 4. Take Rise Discipleship Training

We have three courses you can take: Become A Disciple, Make Disciples and Prepare Disciples (for Jesus’ return). The first course, Become A Disciple, can be completed in 8 weeks. The other two courses take 12 weeks. 

Just the process of becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus can totally change your life. Then keep learning, keep growing and keep bearing more fruit in His Kingdom. 

Get started, get equipped and partner with the Rising Movement as we multiply Disciples!