Our Mission To The World

We Send Our Disciples All Over the World  

In essence, the Rising Movement is a missionary movement focused on loving the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfilling His Great Commission through the multiplication of disciples, churches and church planting movements. As a missionary fellowship we work in our Rising Churches and alongside other local churches, specializing in reaching and training students and young adults in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and missions.          

Our RISE Discipleship Training begins with an emphasis on reaching middle class Americans through local RISING Churches that are structured to raise leaders for the harvest.

Our target, however, is the world. We place our primary emphasis on strategic urban centers in unreached people groups. Ultimately, we must go to the teeming masses of the urban poor, believing that in the last days the Lord will bring in a great harvest among the unreached slum dwellers in the world’s megacities.

The RISING Movement Maintains Five Priorities 

1.   PROMOTE SPIRITUAL REVIVAL in America and around the world, believing that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit will awaken the church to be a light to the nations.

2.   PROVIDE TRAINING IN EVANGELISM, DISCIPLESHIP AND CHURCH PLANTING. We believe that, having prayed for revival, we can “pull the trigger and release revival” by training people to radically obey the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus.

3.   PLANT REPRODUCING CHURCHES that are committed to multiplying church planting movements.

4.   TARGET STRATEGIC CENTERS OF HARVEST for short and long-term missions. 

5.   SEND TRAINED AND EQUIPPED HARVESTERS to unreached peoples of the world who will nurture church planting movements in 100 cities through the strategies that God gives to The RISING Movement and our international partners.

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