Activation Assignment 4:

At the end of a training like this, it is good to spend time reviewing your vision for your life. In the midst of the last days’ harvest, the Father is pouring out His Spirit,[1] the Lord Jesus is revealing His glory[2] and the Bride is making herself ready for her marriage to the Lamb.[3] Even though we, as true last days’ disciples of the Lord Jesus, may have to overcome Satan by “not loving our lives even to death,”[4] it has been our immense privilege to serve the Lord and reach the lost. We must not stop sharing the gospel and making disciples until we hear the final trumpet, calling us to heaven, “and thus we will ever be with the Lord.”[5]

[1] Acts 2:17-21

[2] Rev 1:1

[3] Rev 19:7-9

[4] Rev 12:11

[5] 1 Thes 4:17